Help End Palm Oil Deforestation to Save Sumatran Tigers

Scientists estimate that there are only 400 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. These critically endangered big cats are being driven to extinction by a common ingredient in candy—unsustainable palm oil.

Around the world, 50 football fields of forest are cleared for palm oil plantations every hour.

Many snack food companies that produce our beloved Halloween candy pledged to eliminate unsustainable palm oil from their products years ago, but they’ve failed to meet their goals.

You can help prevent the extinction of the Sumatran tiger by being a responsible consumer. Join our Zero Deforestation Consumer movement and sign our petition demanding sustainable candy this Halloween.

We need your help to call on companies and regulatory organizations to give consumers what they want: Halloween candy that doesn’t contribute to deforestation.

Demand Sustainable Halloween Candy & Save Sumatran Tigers