Petition: Count Me In for Wildlife

The Census Helps Fund Environmental and Wildlife Programs in Your Community

We, the undersigned, have already completed or are making a commitment to be counted in the 2020 Census to support our communities, local services, and funding for critical environmental programs.

The Census allows us to understand our demographics, have fair representation in Congress, and allocate funds to communities based on population size. It ensures funding for essential services like hospitals, roads, and schools based on population size.

Funding for environmental programs, like State Wildlife Grants and Wildlife Restoration programs, is also at stake. We understand the crucial role these play in protecting habitats and vulnerable species. Habitat loss, extreme weather, and invasive species already threaten the vitality of wildlife and endangered species. With less funding, conservationists have less tools to combat these threats. We support wildlife and environmental programs, and other critical community services, that are influenced by data from the 2020 Census.