The National Wildlife Federation

Butterfly Heroes

Pledge to Be a Butterfly Hero!

Nick helps animals

You can be a hero by staying at home this spring! Take the Butterfly Heroes pledge to help butterflies while you are at home. 

Nickelodeon is helping kids stay active, connected, and entertained while at home this spring. Nick Helps connects kids to current events and to their communities.

Nick Helps is proud to support the National Wildlife Federation’s Butterfly Heroes and their efforts to bring back butterfly populations. Check out for other projects and ideas while we all do our part staying home and healthy.

Over the last 5 years, more than 250,000 friends of wildlife have taken the pledge to restore butterfly populations, like the monarch, by planting the plants they need to survive and thrive. Join the movement and take the National Wildlife Federation’s Butterfly Heroes pledge to garden at home this year! Pledge today to be a Butterfly Hero and receive resources to garden while helping butterflies. While supplies last, pledge participants will receive a FREE garden starter pack that includes tips for gardening on your windowsill, porch, patio or backyard.

GARDEN STARTER KITS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. You can still pledge to help butterflies.