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Earth Tomorrow Atlanta

High School students

Launched in 2001, Earth Tomorrow is the longest standing environmental justice education program of the National Wildlife Federation. As a multi-cultural environmental education and leadership development program for high school students, Earth Tomorrow motivates underserved Atlanta area youth—particularly youth of color—to develop lifelong habits of environmental stewardship. Before Earth Tomorrow, Metro Atlanta students were not commonly aware of issues such as food deserts, illegal waste dumping, climate change, lead exposure, and other environmental stressors that generally plague black and brown communities. The program cultivates this new generation of lifetime stewards through a year-long cycle of leadership training, issues exploration, civic engagement, career development, outdoor recreation, community service and project-based environmental education. Through these activities, youth are able to implement bold action to improve the health and welfare of their communities.

Earth Tomorrow Atlanta is currently engaging youth in voter education and get out the vote initiatives to increase youth participation in Georgia.

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