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The West is a place of contrasts: the largest open spaces next to vast urban centers; some of the fastest growing states that depend on the fastest shrinking water supply. Western wildlife are as diverse as the people, including some of the most iconic species in the nation: from the bison, mountain lions, and black bears, to the herds of elk and bighorn sheep. Another iconic species, the gray wolf, is slated to make an ambitious recovery on the Western Slope of Colorado. With the passage of Proposition 114 in November 2020, Colorado has prioritized restoring a balanced ecosystem with the inclusion of healthy gray wolf populations. However, this decision doesn’t come without conflict. We will need to work together to create and strengthen coalitions among groups including indigenous communities, ranchers, sporting organizations, wildlife advocates and enthusiasts.

The National Wildlife Federation, with our deep relationships and credibility, is embarking on a three-year plan to set the stage for long-term sustainability of wolves in Colorado and we want you to be a part of it. With a focus on science-based practices, stakeholder involvement, wildlife conflict techniques, and policy advocacy, we can create long-lasting, positive change in our Western landscapes and society.

Your gift today will give us the resources we need to support the successful and sustainable wolf reintroduction in Colorado while fostering conditions for long-term conservation success across the West.

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