National Wildlife Federation-Sacred Grounds

Pledge to Plant Native Plants
to Care for Creation

Please join your fellow congregation members in Caring for Creation by planting native plants at home. Native plants provide food for birds and butterflies as well as other wildlife, and they flourish easily with minimal care because they are suited to the soil and climate of the Maryland/DC region. Native plants also store and filter the water from our yards that flows into nearby streams and rivers, thus helping to protect these waterways from pollution and flooding. These waterways are places for children to play and for us all to enjoy the beauty of nature. In addition, they sustain hundreds of species of fish, frogs, birds, butterflies, and ultimately ourselves. All life depends on water.

By planting native plants we plant with a purpose and put the teachings of our faith into practice. By working together with people of all faiths we can care for the Earth that we all share. Our actions will preserve the beauty of life that surrounds us and protect people from pollution and flooding.

Make a pledge today to plant native plants in your yard, and we'll provide you with a free starter kit of native plants as well as the information you need to make sure the plants thrive. We're aiming to recruit 1000+ homes to pledge... will yours be one of them?