Webinar: Working Toward Zero Waste

Hosted by National Wildlife Federation parter, Rubicon


  • Alayja Stewart, Circular Economy Specialist, Rubicon 
  • Joshua Pins, Circular Economy Specialist, Rubicon

Many organizations are making “zero waste” commitments. But what does that mean exactly? And how does one move from strategy to zero waste success? In this webinar, Rubicon will provide background on the “zero waste” movement and delve into strategies for implementation and assessment. Whether you work for an organization that is rethinking its waste or already committed to landfill diversion, or whether you are just curious about the “zero waste” innovations that are shaping the future of sustainability, this webinar will offer much food for thought. The team will also explore some topics that are specific to campuses, such as reusables and closed loop waste solutions.

Join us on Tuesday, March 12 Eastern


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