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The future of sporting conservation is increasingly female! Women now make up more that 20% of all hunters and nearly 30% of anglers. Our voice is now more critical than ever. Artemis sportswomen are the perfect representatives of that voice, ready to tackle the most daunting challenges of our time.

With your support we will fiercely advocate for fish, wildlife and the places they call home, and carry the sporting conservation movement into a future where we are more influential than ever before.

Your gift will help us directly engage decision makers and enlist other sportswomen in the fight to protect public lands. We will provide support for other sportswomen to seek leadership roles and connect with other powerful female leaders. And, we will work tirelessly to protect our iconic wildlife species, specifically mule deer and cutthroat trout, at every opportunity including protecting migration corridors, safeguarding clean water and backcountry security areas, and conveying the importance retaining these species as American icons.

To show our gratitude for your generosity, your support of sportswomen, and your commitment to conservation, we are offering the following special gift(s) for your donation.

Artemis sticker and Koozie

  • $50 — Artemis Hat
  • $75 — Artemis T-shirt
  • $100 — Artemis/Hunt To Eat Cutthroat Hoodie
  • $250 — Artemis Hat and Artemis/Hunt To Eat Cutthroat Hoodie
  • $500 — Fishpond Ice Storm Soft Cooler with Artemis Embroidery
  • $1000 — Fishpond Ice Storm Soft Cooler with Artemis Embroidery and Artemis/Hunt To Eat Cutthroat Hoodie

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